Stratu is the long-term and flexible collaboration.

01 Motivation & People

We want to be the close alternative in an industry that has long been characterized by top-down business and performance-oriented consultants, who are more concerned with the numbers in a spreadsheet than the people you work with.

We have experienced first-hand how companies have been caught in a solution where a supplier puts money and profit over the right cloud solution for the individual company.

Therefore, one of our focus areas is to ensure the opportunity for continuous development of our talents. Just like our solutions.

02 The future of business is flexible

We want to be the flexible alternative in an industry stuck in a legacy infrastructure and consultants stuck in the past.

It might sound a little harsh, and in reality it is. But to be completely honest, there are so many good solutions that an inflexible agreement is no longer necessary. But for most businesses, flexibility is.

Therefore, we have designed a partnership that is based on trust and choice, rather than technological commitment.


03 A partnership with room for growth together

We focus on a long-term collaboration rather than a customer/supplier relationship. Whether we are talking technology, strategy or everyday life, we believe that a partnership must be composed in such a way that there is room to develop and grow together. It's not just essential to create a business that also exists tomorrow. It is also a much more pleasant feeling to wake up to every morning. And that should not be underestimated.

Why choose Stratu?

Stratu is the long-term and flexible alternative, in an industry that’s often caught up in its own legacy. A partnership that provides opportunity for development and growth together.

Stratu Partner

We’re always honest, and strive to be credible and transparent advisors to our customers.

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